What are Frames and how do I order them?

Crafted in-house from solid wood, Frames are designed to custom-fit your Fracture prints. They can be purchased alongside new prints, or separately, to add to prints you already own and love!

Small Square Prints and Frames

Frames are made right here in our factory using USA-sourced wood, and are available in six custom sizes and three colors. Our Black and White Frames are made from painted, poplar wood, while the Maple Frames are clear-stained maple wood.

Flexible metal tabs on the backside make each Frame easy to add and remove from your prints.

The six Frame sizes available on our site are as follows:

Print/Frame Size

Frame Dimensions (inches)


Small Square Frame

5.9 x 5.9


Small Rectangle Frame

5.8 x 7.4


Medium Rectangle Frame

8.3 x 10.6


Classic Rectangle Frame

11.8 x 15.4


Large Rectangle Frame

17.4 x 22.3


Extra Large Rectangle Frame

23.1 x 30.3


Frames are not available for the Medium Square or Large Square print sizes. We're working on these sizes and will make sure to announce them in our email newsletter as soon as possible!

How do I hang a Frame?

Frames do not cover up or add bulk to the backside of your Fracture prints, allowing them to mount flush to the wall. Hanging your prints will be the same with or without a Frame attached—each print will arrive with a screw and Wall Tape, so that you can choose the best option for your home.

You can check out this guide for some helpful tips and visuals on mounting prints.

How do I order a Frame?

There are two different ways to purchase a Frame—to start, decide if you plan to order the Frame with a new print, or independently.

1) If you plan to order a Glass Print and Frame together:

After uploading a photo and selecting the print size you wish to order, our site will bring you to the 'Product Options' page where you can add Frames, Stands, and/or Matte Glass to your print.

When you check the Frames checkbox, it will default to a Black Frame—make sure to select the color you want to order also!

🚨 Please note that Frames and Stands cannot be used together on the same print.

2) If you wish to order a Frame by itself (to use with a print you already own), then you'll want to visit the following page of our site: Frames

From there, you can add as many Frames as you want to your Cart for purchase!