Does my image need any bleed room?

For most photos, no bleed room is required; but a judicious amount of space is always advised, if only for aesthetic purposes.

You may size your image to the exact dimensions you intend to print on (a 4:3 aspect ratio for our rectangular prints), but we advise against having text, complex patterns, or important content very close to the edge of your image file.

There's a very small margin for offset with printing (less than 1/16 of an inch for the larger print sizes and closer to 1/10 of an inch for our smallest sizes), which can sometimes affect content very close to the edge.

In the example below, the letters "G" and "N" are both a little too close to the edge here, particularly for our smaller sizes. On a Small or Medium Rectangle especially, the "G" would likely appear cut off, and the "N" may be very close to or touch the edge unintentionally: 

Although it may turn out okay on the Classic size and up, it's always best to include a little extra room, and not crop too tight!

This wider cropped version gives the letters some breathing room at the edges:

Much better! Now you'll be golden at any print size. ✨

Want to know more about out our recommended file specs? Check out this guide