Can I add text to my photo?

If you're looking to add text or include a caption on your photo, you'll want to make sure that text is a part of your original image file before uploading it to our site. 

Our site's editor doesn't have a text feature, but you can use a photo editing software like Photoshop, the native photo app on your smartphone, or a free photo-editing website to add the text first.

Once you have the text added to your digital file, just save your new image to your computer, and then upload it to our site to get started on ordering your print.

Some important things to note when adding your text:

  • Don't add text that touches the very edge of your image. If the text touches the edge of the photo, the very top parts of the letters could be cut off when printed that close to the glass edge. For example, this text touching the top edge of the photo is too close:

    Though no bleed room is required (we recommend sizing your image to the exact dimensions you intend to print on), there's a very small margin for offset. We print to the exact dimensions in terms of ink dots, but our process doesn’t print to the exact pixel—so a judicious amount of space is recommended (if only for aesthetic purposes).

    Moving that text a little lower, away from the edges, will work a lot better for printing:

  • Before adding text, be sure the shape of your photo matches the shape/dimensions of the print size you want. For printing on any of our rectangular print sizes, keep in mind we use a 4:3 aspect ratio for those rectangular dimensions.

After uploading your photo to our site, you can choose your print size for your image and complete your order from there. 

Need help ordering a print? Follow this guide to walk you through our whole ordering process, step-by-step!