Can I display my print with a stand?

If you purchased or were gifted a Small (square or rectangular) or Medium Fracture (rectangle only*), you have two cool ways of showcasing it: by hanging it on the wall like other Fractures, or by using our specially designed stainless steel stands! Here, we'll explain how to stand your Fracture up for display on a desk, table, or counter.


When your Fracture arrives, your stand will be packaged between the Fracture and its cardboard frame. First, remove the clear plastic strap and then gently lift your Fracture from the packaging. You'll see your stand nestled safely underneath.


To make sense of your stand, place it on a level surface as shown. The narrower end of the triangular piece is the back of the frame; the wider shelf is the front, and this is where your Fracture will rest.


Now you can set your Fracture down into the groove on the front end of the stand, facing out.

Like so:


Now your Fracture can lean back and relax! The stand will support its weight with ease.


  Presto! Your Fracture should now be standing tall and looking good!

If you've already ordered a Small or Medium Fracture and would like to order a stand after the fact, you can do so by clicking here!