How do I hang my print on the wall?


Wall-Dog Screw with keyhole mount (included)
3M Picture Hanging Command Strips (not included)

All prints will arrive ready-to-hang, with a backing that doubles as a wall mount and an included screw!

How to Mount (with included screw)

  1. Once you've opened your box, locate the cutout notch next to the word "LIFT" in the black support packaging. Using your finger, gently pry up the glass edge to release your glass print from this packing board.

    Released from the packaging:

  2. After removing the print from the packing board, turn it over and you'll see the wall mount keyhole carved out of the foamcore backing. This will be where the head of the screw fits in.

  3. Large and Extra Large prints the keyhole will include a metal reinforcement:

  4. All wall-mounted prints come complete with Wall-Dog™ screws. These screws are 1-1/4 inch long and can be used for concrete, masonry, and directly in drywall without the need for an anchor. The best part is that they can be used for any size Fracture print!
  5. Since these screws don't require an anchor, it’s super easy and quick to place into a wall. You'll just need a Phillips screwdriver. The best way to mount our prints to any wall is to ensure the mounting screw is almost completely flush to the wall when drilled in, before mounting the print.
  6. The keyhole in the print's backing will fit perfectly over the screw. Once the print is seated flush against the wall, the weight of the print will settle the foamcore into place on the screw's head. Do not pull downward on the print, as too much force could damage the foamcore backing.

How to Mount (with Command Strips)

Important Note: Be sure you're using the interlocking 3M Picture Hanging Command Strips in Medium or Large (depending on your print size). See the guide below for exact placement based on your Print Size.

Where to place your Command Strips

Command Strip Mounting Steps