What is your Lifetime Warranty and what does it cover?

Our Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the Fracture print. The following are covered under our Lifetime Warranty:

Delaminated/Incorrect Mounting - Our foamcore backing is peeling off of the glass, or it has been mounted incorrectly.

Failed Hanging Mechanism - The keyhole is flawed or fails to support the print in any way.

Incorrect/Missing Print - The correct number or types of prints were not included in your order.
Scratches - Your print has arrived with scratches on the glass surface.
Broken In Shipment - Your print has been damaged due to mishandling during shipment.
Ink Chipping - The ink on your product arrived with chips along the edges.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Lifetime Warranty does not cover accidental damages or damage resulting from improper use (dropping it, mounting it on a window) or from user error (and other non-traditional uses).