Why won't my photo upload?

Here are some things to check if you're having trouble uploading a photo: 

  1. We accept the following file types: .jpg or .png. If your file is not in one of these formats, you'll want to convert it using a photo-editing software or free file conversion website. (Check out our File Specifications for more info on file type and size).
  2. Our site can process photo files between 1-35 MB. (Learn how to check your file size and type here.) If your image is any larger than 35 MB, you’ll need to re-save it at a smaller size prior to uploading.
  3. If your file type and size match the requirements above, try refreshing your page or trying the upload from another web browser.
  4. Some adblockers can interfere with uploads; try temporarily disabling or switching off your adblockers and then uploading again.

When your photo has been successfully uploaded, you'll be taken to the size selection page and see your image displayed on the site preview, like this:

If you need help placing your order after your photo is uploaded, this guide will walk you through how to complete your order from there!