My image looks cropped. Why is that?

Fracture sizes are printed at a 4:3 or 1:1 aspect ratio. It can sometimes make uploading other aspect ratios appear a little different in the preview screen- typically it can either add a border or auto-crop the image to fit inside the preview.

We'll show you a few options that you have with an image that may differ from the 4:3 ratio. (We realize aspect ratios can be a little a little daunting and make your head spin so we've written a blog post, Aspect Ratio Demystified, to help explain it.)

For this example, we've selected a photo of Rajah, one of our beloved office dogs! This photo was taken in a 3:2 ratio, so this is what it looks like unedited:


From the Fracture homepage, click the "Get Started" button at the very top right, and then on the "Upload My Photo" button where you can select the image you're looking to have Fractured. For more help on how to upload and order, click here.


Notice that the left and right sides of the original image have been cropped equally from each side to fit within the 4:3 ratio preview, or the shape of our glass. But, oh no--this results in Rajah’s nose and some of his paws not fitting into the preview! We definitely don’t want that.

In order to have the full 3:2 image printed on a Fracture, we’ll need to add a border to fill in the spaces at the top and bottom to make it 4:3.


Next, click on the " Advanced Editor" button on the preview page.


On the Advanced Editor page there will be quite a few options. We can see that the image is currently set to "Borderless" under the "Choose a Border" option.


To view the full image, we will need to undo any automatic cropping by selecting " Undo," and then Undo All option. When you hover over the Undo button, a drop-down option will appear where you can click "Undo All." 

This will undo the auto-cropping and allow the full image to be viewed on the screen. As you can see, this will also show that a border is necessary to fit the image in its entirety. Otherwise, the image should be re-cropped to change the cropping position to better fit the shape of the glass. 


Since we want to change what will be printed on the Fracture, we have two options - including a border, or re-cropping to the desired area.

Option 1: Include a Border

From Step 5, we're pretty much 99.99% there! Just select the right border color (there are ten colors to choose from). This is what the image would look like with a black border--I think I’ll go with this for the borders, which should help bring out those puppy-dog eyes!: 

After selecting the border color, click the " Save My Changes" button, which will take you back to the main preview screen where you can select the size and quantity.

Option 2: Select a Different Crop Area and Save as Borderless

In the Advanced Editor preview, once the image is viewed in its entirety - after Step 5 ("Undo" > "Undo All"), select the "Crop" tool at the top center above the image.

From here, use your mouse to select the area to crop by dragging the corners of the selection box around the portion that we want to keep. I’ve made sure to include Rajah’s nose on the left side, while excluding some of the right side. Once you have your selection in place, click " Apply."

To make sure the image prints with no spaces on the edge (anything voided will print with the default white ink), click on the " Borderless" button under the "Choose a Border" option.

And finally click " Save My Changes."

And here is the final result! Ta-da!