My image looks cropped. Why is that?

Fracture sizes are printed at a 4:3 or 1:1 aspect ratio. This will make other uploaded aspect ratios appear differently in the preview screen—our site will automatically crop any image with a different aspect ratio to match the shape of our glass.

Below we'll explain how to adjust images that differ from the 4:3 ratio. (We realize aspect ratios can be a little a little daunting, so we've written a blog post, Aspect Ratio Demystified, to help explain it.)

For this example, we've selected a photo of Rajah, one of our beloved office dogs! This photo was taken in a 3:2 ratio, so this is what it looks like unedited:


From the Fracture homepage, click the "Get Started" button at the top right. Then drag and drop your photo, or click the "Upload from a folder" button where you can select the image you're looking to have printed. For more help on how to upload and order, click here.


Notice that the left and right sides of the original image have been cropped equally from each side to fit within the 4:3 ratio preview, or the shape of our glass. But, oh no—this results in Rajah’s nose and some of his paws not fitting into the preview! We definitely don’t want that.


To adjust which parts of the photo will print on the glass, click on " Edit photo."


On the Editor page, you'll see your full image with a 4:3 cropping overlay that you can use to adjust the cropping on your photo (the faded parts of the photo will be cropped out):


Simply click or touch the middle of the photo and drag the cropping selection over the parts of the image that you'd prefer to include. Here, we'll click and drag to the left to make sure Rajah's nose is included:

Then click the  Save Changes button to apply the cropping, and Done Editing to choose your size and add it to your Cart. 

Here's the final result!