Why is my photo being cropped, and how can I adjust it?

Fracture sizes are printed at a 4:3 or 1:1 aspect ratio. To match the shape of our glass, our site will automatically crop any image with a different aspect ratio to fit the correct shape.

Below we'll take a look at how to adjust the cropping on images that differ from the 4:3 ratio (the rectangular shape of the glass).

For this example, we've selected a photo of Rajah, one of our beloved office dogs! This photo was taken in a 3:2 ratio, so this is what it looks like unedited:


After uploading your photo, you'll see the preview of how it will print on the glass for each size on our size selection page.

You'll notice that the left and right sides of the original image have been cropped equally from each side—but Rajah’s nose is getting cut off!


To adjust which parts of the photo will print on the glass, scroll down and click the Edit My Image button.

On the Editor page, you'll see your full image with a 4:3 cropping overlay that you can use to adjust the cropping on your photo (the faded parts of the photo will be cropped out):


Simply click and drag (or touch and drag on a touchscreen) the middle of the photo to shift the cropping selection over the parts of the image that you'd prefer to include.

Here, we'll click and drag to the left to make sure Rajah's nose is included

You can also click and drag the corners of the crop selection to crop in closer if need be.

Then click the Save Changes button to apply the cropping and return to the size selection page.

Here's the final result!