What file specifications do you recommend for the best quality print?

Getting a high-quality print is easier than you'd think!

File Type

  • We only accept JPG and PNG image files. 
    • Avoid PNG files with transparent layers (transparency will not render correctly in the site preview, since our prints are opaque.)
  • Please make sure the file is RGBsRGB, Adobe RGB (or any type of RGB) color profile. This is the default for most cameras.
    • Do not use CMYK profiled images, since they may print differently than expected.

File Resolution (Quality)

For best results, you'll want to be sure to upload the original, high-resolution photo file. Our site will automatically warn you if your file is too small to print clearly at a given size, so the best way to quickly check whether your photo will print clearly is to upload it directly to our website!

Below are the minimum pixel dimensions required from an image to produce a clear print at each size:

RECTANGLE PRINTS (Portrait or Landscape)

Size Print Dimensions (inches) Minimum Pixel Dimensions
Small 4.8" x 6.4" 240 x 320 px
Medium 7.2" x 9.6" 360 x 480 px
Classic 10.8" x 14.4" 540 x 720 px
Large 15.6" x 20.8" 780 x 1040 px
Extra Large 21.6" x 28.8" 1080 x 1440 px


Size Print Dimensions (inches) Minimum Pixel Dimensions
Small 5" x 5" 250 x 250 px
Medium 11" x 11" 550 x 550 px
Large 23" x 23" 1150 x 1150 px

If you'd like to double-check the pixel dimensions of your image, you can view your image file's 'Properties' from your computer (or use 'Get Info' on Mac).