Why am I getting a warning symbol while trying to choose a print size?

Uh-oh! If you're seeing a red asterisk (*) warning when trying to select a size, it's because the size of your image file is under 160 dpi (smaller than what we recommend for the size you've chosen for print). In this case, we highly recommend you try to find a larger resolution file or select a smaller Fracture size.

If your photo is grayed out with lines through it for certain sizes, that means those sizes are completely unavailable to order because the blur, grain, or pixelation of the file would be too severe to produce a recognizable print.

The red asterisks above (*) appear on all the sizes except for the Small Rectangle, meaning this photo will not print with the best quality at that Medium size (or larger)- yikes!

If the preview is  not grayed out, but still has a red asterisk warning, like the Medium size in the example above, you do have the option to proceed to order that size, but you'll need to initial to sign off on the warning that pops up: 

Just keep in mind, ordering a size with that warning will still result in a poor quality, pixelated, or blurry image.

Where can I find the original, high-res file?

The first question you need to ask is: what device was this photo taken on? Based on the answer to that, there are few courses of action you can take:

  • If the photo was texted or sent to you from someone else's phone, get in touch with the person that sent you the image. Have them re-send the photo to by email, ensuring it's attached at the Actual Size.
  • If you took the photo on your own phone, we recommend uploading directly to our website from your phone. No need to worry about transferring it to a computer! Make sure the file you're uploading is the original from the date that it was taken on, and not a screenshot (there will always be quality loss when taking a screenshot).
  • If you took the photo on a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera, you'll want to transfer those photos directly from your camera or its memory card to your computer before uploading to our site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Using photo editing software (like Adobe Photoshop) to artificially increase the size of a file will not fix or remove the pixelation and blurriness that could occur while printing. That's why it's important to locate and make sure you're working with and uploading the original, source file, since that will be the version that has the most detail possible.