Can I use a screenshot for printing?

Avoid printing from screenshots whenever possible.

As a general rule of thumb, screenshots are always lower-resolution than the original image file. This is because a screenshot is a snapshot of the screen itself, at the size it's currently displaying the photo, and it doesn't capture the full resolution or data that makes up the original that your device's camera has stored.

When using a screenshot, you'll likely get our low-resolution warning for our larger print sizes, and it may not even be clear enough to print at our smallest sizes—especially if your screenshot captures a lot of white space/your phone's background along with the photo.

Use your Favorites album for easy access to the originals.

If you're concerned about scrolling back through all your photos to find the perfect one again, use your phone's Favorite button to quickly add the original photo into a separate album.

You'll find the heart-shaped button at the bottom of your Photo Library or Gallery when viewing your on either an Android (left) or iPhone (right):

Tapping that button will add it to your Favorites album, which you can navigate to when uploading to our website from your phone. 

 After clicking the Upload button from an Apple device, tap Albums at the top to view all your albums, including your Favorites: 

After clicking the Upload button from an Android, your path will be something like Browse > Gallery > Albums:

After that, you'll see all your favorited photos in one place—full-resolution and ready to order!

Want more info on organizing your phone's photos with albums?

Check out this guide from Apple Support for iOS devices.
Check out this guide from Samsung for Android devices.