I can't get shipping rates for my address

Our site uses a shipping address validator to verify that your shipping address is correct. If you live in a newly constructed building or in a more remote area, this can sometimes be why it's missing from the FedEx or USPS address databases.

You may see an error message that states “we could not get rates for your address”:

If this happens, you can take these steps to get your order placed:

1. First, are you shipping your prints to a PO Box?

If you’re shipping to a United States Post Office Box, you’ll want to make sure only the PO Box is typed in the Address field:

Be sure to enter only your PO Box number if you have one. (Typing a street address in addition to the PO Box, or instead of your PO Box, can cause trouble validating the address.) 

This should allow you to proceed and select from the USPS shipping options.

2. If you’re shipping to a valid street address:

If you've checked that your address is entered correctly and nothing’s missing (like an apartment or suite number), go ahead and place your order by checking the box for our local pick-up option:

Checking that box will allow you to proceed and require only a billing address, so you can complete your order without selecting a shipping option.

3. Once the pick-up order is placed, reply to your order confirmation email with the correct address.

Our support team will add the shipment separately and make sure it ships to your exact address as needed.