I'm having trouble with payment

Getting stuck at checkout can be a pain—especially when you’re so close to completing your order. Follow each of the troubleshooting sections below to see if we can pinpoint the reason for the payment error.


Start a new checkout session.

  1. Click the cart symbol at the top of the page to return to the cart.

  2. Click Checkout button again to start a fresh cart session.

  3. From here, check to make sure your shipping information was entered correctly.

    This is especially important if your shipping and billing address are the same, since our payment processor will check against these address fields to make sure they match up with what's on file with your card:

  4. Click Submit Address, and then Use this Address to confirm it's correct (you won't be able to move on to the payment page until you've done this):

  5. Choose your shipping carrier and method (be sure to click to select the method from the list of options), and then click the Continue to Payment button to continue:

Double check the payment page.

Now that you're back to the payment page, check the "Use a different billing address" box if your billing and shipping addresses are different:

  1. Below that, be sure the box for a different billing address is checked if applicable. (If your billing and shipping address are the same, you can skip this step.)
    1. After checking the box to enter your billing address, you'll see the second set of address fields appear below:

  2. Carefully enter your card info once more, and click Pay Now.

Are you receiving a "Processor Declined" error message?

If your payment was denied or declined for any reason, you'll see an error message at at the top of the page, like this:

From here, try re-entering just the payment info once more and double check that all fields are filled out correctly:

  • Card number
  • Expiration date
  • CVV (security code)
  • Postal Code (zip code)

  • A typo or error within one of these four fields is the most common reason for a charge being declined.

    If that still isn't working, you can choose one of the alternate payment methods at the bottom to pay a different way.

    Check with your bank.

    It's possible that your bank or card issuer is rejecting the charge (either because of the amount, card balance, or suspected suspicious activity). You may need to let them know that you approve the payment so that they can allow the charge to be processed next time you try checking out on our site.

    If you're still at a roadblock after that, please let us know and we'll be happy to help check into the declined charge on our end! You can email us anytime at support@fractureme.com or connect with us via live chat, Monday to Friday, by clicking (or tapping) on the chat bubble in the lower corner.