How can I change the shape or orientation of my print?

When you upload a photo to our site, you'll see a preview of your photo displayed on the size selection page. The print sizes available to choose from will default to the closest match to the shape of your original image. So, if you upload a rectangular landscape photo, you'll see those rectangular sizes to choose from.

If you want to order a square print size, you'll want to crop your photo to fit that square shape.

First, click Change Print Shape in the upper right (or Edit Photo at the bottom—either will take you to the next step!):

From there, click the shape or orientation that you want at the bottom of the editor window. Here we've selected Square:

You'll see the crop selection update as soon as you click a new shape. 

If you need to adjust the cropping further, click and drag the corners to crop in closer. Click and drag from the middle of the selection to move it around until you're happy with what's in-frame:

When you're done, click Save Changes to view the cropped result and see the new print shapes available to choose from:

Finally, you can select a size and add it to your cart. It's as easy as that!

For info on placing an order from start to finish, check out this guide.