How can I change the shape or orientation of my print?

When you upload a photo to our site, you'll see either rectangular or square print sizes to choose from—whichever is closest to that of your uploaded image.

To view the other print sizes or shapes, you'll need to crop your image to fit the square shape (or a different rectangle orientation).

We'll crop this rectangular photo below to fit our square print sizes.

  1.  After uploading, first click the Edit photo button:This brings you directly to the Transform section in our editor:
  2. Click the Square button to select the cropping you'd like for a square print size. (You can also select Portrait or Landscape to crop for a different rectangular orientation.):

    You'll then see the square cropping overlay appear (the faded portions will be cropped out).

  3. Click and drag the corners to adjust the cropping, and click and drag in the middle of the selection to move it around until you're happy with what's in frame:

  4. When you're done, click Save Changes to view the cropped result:Then click Done Editing when you've finished making any other changes to the photo.

  5. You'll then see the square print sizes displayed on the site:
    Now you're all set to select a square print size to add to your cart!

    For info on placing an order from start to finish, check out this guide.