Help! My print arrived broken, what should I do?

Fracture packaging was designed to take a beating. Still, accidents can happen during transit on the rare occasion. So if your print is ever, well... "fractured" (yes, we do hear it referred to that most of the time this happens), we've got you covered!

To get a replacement ASAP, we'll just need a few quick things to get the ball rolling:

The first step is to snap a photo of your packaging. We love documentation to know how our packaging is holding up, and we also use the photos to provide feedback to our shipping carriers. Camera phones can do the job just fine!

Next, you'll want to take a photo of the damaged glass print.

One or two images of the damage should suffice. For good measure please include one of the entire print so we can identify which image was damaged.  

(For the record, two strong teammates stomped on this print and it didn't crack at all. We had to drop a 1ft long wrench to get this kind of damage. That's how strong our packaging is! -Thanks Shamond and Keith!-)

Please make sure the photo is as clear as possible:

Send those photos along with your Order ID number over to our Fracture Customer Support Team at and we'll get you squared away with a brand new print replacement! We love to hear from you, and we will do whatever we can to make sure any issues get resolved ASAP.