Can I print a collage?

Our website does not have a built-in collage program or collage creator.

We can't stitch or combine multiple images together in a single image file through our site. In order to make a collage on a single glass print, you'd need to combine the files digitally first, using a photo editing program or collage-maker (Here's a list of free mobile apps that might do the trick).

However, digital collages often add borders and lines to divide the photos, and those lines take up real estate on your print! Instead, let your wall be the negative space, and use an arrangement of multiple prints to get the collage look.

Try a Photo Wall layout for a perfect arrangement of multiple prints on your wall.

The easiest way to achieve a collage effect on your wall would be with a bundle of prints in one of our Photo Wall arrangements!

All Photo Walls are specially priced, pre-designed arrangements of glass prints. Each includes a wall template for mounting, so you can mount them exactly as shown on your wall:

For more details about Photo Walls, check out this guide.

Mount multiple individual prints side-by-side to create your own wall collage.

While Photo Wall arrangements include specific sets of sizes, you're free to choose any combination of our individually offered sizes and mount them together on your wall super easily with our included hanging system.

Left, 3 Medium Rectangle Prints (7.2" x 9.6")Right, 12 Small Rectangle Prints (4.8" x 6.4")

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Need help ordering a print? Follow this guide to walk you through our whole ordering process, step-by-step!