Will my photos be edited or adjusted?

We don’t edit or alter your photos prior to printing. For a proof or preview of your order before it’s submitted, our site preview will display your image exactly the way it will be printed on the glass: 

(Keep in mind that this is only a low-resolution preview, so the clarity of your Fracture will depend on your original image file. If that file looks clear up close, your Fracture will too!)

All rectangular Fractures are automatically cropped to a 4:3 aspect ratio when uploaded. You can re-crop your image on our Advanced Editor--but remember that any cropping may leave white borders if not saved as Borderless on the editor page. Click here to learn how to adjust the borders and cropping on your image.

Please note: We don't make any adjustments, edits, or corrections to photos uploaded to our site, so make sure to have your photo file just the way you'd like it before uploading.

If you need to make some basic edits to a photo file like adjusting its color, removing red-eye, or adding text, you can do so through a third-party photo editing program or website like BeFunky.com. From there, you can re-save your image and then upload it to be Fractured!