What does my order status mean?

Your Fractures will move through a few different statuses while your order is being printed and assembled:

1. In line for printing: Your order is currently in our production queue, waiting to make its way through our printer.

2. Printing: Your order is being printed in ink onto a sheet of glass right now! Pretty cool, huh?

3. Awaiting quality control: Your order is being assembled and inspected by our production team, to make sure it's in tip-top shape! 

(This is a normal step for our production process, and can sometimes take up to several days as orders move through our assembly queue.)

4. Shipped: Your order is all finished and ready to go! By this stage, you should see a tracking number appear on your order page that you can use to track your order in transit.

(Please note that this tracking link may not display any information within 48 hours of being posted. Orders marked as "Shipped" have been boxed up, but may still be awaiting pickup by our carriers--after which that tracking info should begin updating as normal.)