How do I order a gift card?

Give the awesome gift of a Fracture print and you’ll instantly become the favorite friend or family member! Simply go to the Gift Card page of our site to begin your order.

Our Digital Gift Cards can be emailed directly to a recipient, or emailed to yourself for instant printing. You can also schedule it to be sent on a future date, if preferred.


Select one of the pre-set amounts from the dropdown menu.


Enter your recipient's name and email. (If you're sending the gift card to yourself, then use your own info in these boxes.) You'll also have a space to include a short message.


Lastly, you can schedule the exact date for when the recipient will receive the email containing your gift! Click on the box containing today's date, and then you can select the wanted delivery date.


Add it to your Cart!


  • If you send a Gift Card to someone else's email address as a gift, our system will also send a copy to you as well. It sends the Gift Card to both email addresses, that way you have a copy for your records.
  • Gift Cards will be delivered immediately after ordering—please allow around 10 minutes for it to arrive in your inbox.
  • We cannot change the recipient email after the gift card order has been placed, so be sure to double-check that you entered the correct email address when making an order.
  • Gift Cards scheduled for future delivery are sent at 7:00 AM EST on the day you selected. (If you want it delivered at any other time that day, you'll need to have the Digital Gift Card sent to your own email address, so you can then forward the message to the recipient at the exact time you want.)


Coupons and discounts cannot be applied to the purchase of Gift Cards (unless otherwise specifically stated in the terms of the promotion).

However, a coupon may be applied to individual Glass Prints and Stands at the same time you redeem your Gift Card balance in your cart.

Your gift card balance will never expire. 🙂