How to Register for an Account

Registering for a Fracture account is simple! ( Click here for instructions on registering from a mobile device.)

On a laptop or desktop computer:

At the top right of our Fracture homepage, you’ll find a ‘ register’ button.

After clicking ‘register,’ a pop-up window will appear. Enter your name, email address, and create a password.


Once you’ve entered in all of your information, press the ‘ Sign Up’ button.

You’ll receive a confirmation of your account creation.
To access your new Fracture account, you’ll want to click the account menu in the top right corner to view your account information.

On a phone or tablet:

From the homepage, tap on the account icon in the upper right-hand corner.

On the login page that appears, select ' Sign Up.'

Now, enter your name, email address, and password, and click on ' Sign Up' at the bottom.

Your account has been created! The account symbol on our website will now display as blue to show that you're logged into your account.

    There’s tons you can do with your new Fracture account! Here are some of the great Fracture features and what you can do with each of them:

    a.   My Photos - Images that you've uploaded to our site, but haven't yet Fractured. What are you waiting for? (Here’s some help on how to order.)

    b.  Order History - View your current and past orders.

    c.  Reorder - All of the stunning photos you’ve ever had Fractured.

    d.  Change Account Information - Update basic info, change password, manage subscriptions, or delete your account.

    e.  Get Free Prints - You can earn FREE prints through our rewards program. Find out more here!