How can I upload a photo from my Android device?

Ordering Fractures from your phone is super easy!


Go to on your Android-enabled device, and select “Get Started.”


In the actions menu, select the folder that contains your image to view your available photo applications.



Select the location in which your photo is stored, and then choose the image you’d like to have uploaded. For this image, we selected “ Files,” then the Menu Button (symbol with 3 bars), and then "Photos," which is where default images on this Android device are saved to.

Image uploading should take just a few seconds...


Now, you'll see your photo uploaded onto our site! You can edit and adjust your photo as needed from this page.

After making any changes, tap the " Continue" button. 


Next, you can choose a size for your Fracture tapping one of the sizes below.

  Select the size that works best for your image and tap "Continue." 

    Want to order more than one of the same print and size? Just bump up the quantity here. When you're finished, tap "Add to Cart."

    In the cart, you may change your order and view the Fractures you're interested in purchasing. You may also enter in any coupon codes or gift codes you have. When everything looks the way you want it, you may choose to “Add Another Fracture" and repeat steps 2-9, or "Continue to Checkout."

    Next, you'll enter your Shipping Address- wherever you’d like your order delivered. If your Payment/Billing address is different from the shipping address, you'll want to select the check-box below the text fields and click " Continue to Billing Address.[If you have the fortune of living in or nearby beautiful Gainesville, Florida, you may swing by our office to pick up your order for free. We love visitors!  Baked goods are encouraged :) ]

(When Checking that your Billing Address is different from Shipping a new text field page will appear)

After the appropriate fields have been filled out, you may "Continue."

    From there, you'll view the shipping options as well as the date your order is expected to ship by as noted in the top blue bar. Each shipping option will also provide an estimated delivery date based on the carrier's options.

On this page you can also choose to  Rush the production process of your order. 

After selecting your shipping speed, tap " Continue to Payment." (Orders of $100 or more ship free!)

    You may complete your purchase using a credit or debit card, or PayPal. When you’ve finished entering in that payment info,  select " Complete My Purchase."

   Voila! Your order is complete and everyone at Fracture will do a happy dance! :)  

You'll receive a confirmation email a few minutes after this step to confirm your order. In the meantime, we'll get to work on your order, and your Fracture will soon be headed your way!

Please take a quick moment to share how you heard about us. We'd really appreciate it!