How can I get FREE prints?

Yes, you read that right. You can get FREE print through our Fracture Rewards program!

To get your unique referral code:

The first step towards getting free prints is acquiring a unique referral code, just for you! Visit our Fracture Rewards page (the link can be found at the very bottom of our homepage), and enter in your email address to have your very own Fracture Rewards code created.

Once you've made an account with us, you’ll be shown a one-of-a-kind Fracture Rewards code to share with friends and family.
There are multiple ways to get your Fracture Rewards code out there. You can share your code through the options we recommend (Facebook or Twitter), or copy and paste the code to be sent in a message, text, etc.
Please note: Only new, first time Fracture customers are able to use your Fracture Rewards referral code.

To redeem your Fracture Rewards credit(s):

After a friend has used your referral code to save $10 on their purchase, it's your turn to get 10 bucks off! You can check the balance of your Fracture Rewards credits by clicking your account name at the top right corner of the homepage.

Here, you'll be shown your rewards code and your available credits: 

To apply that credit, you'll want to upload photos and add them to your Cart, as usual. After filling up your cart, you'll notice a new " Redeem Rewards" button. Before checkout, just click this button to apply your credit.

After clicking the "Redeem Rewards" button, you'll see that credit applied to your cart and subtracted from your subtotal. Now you're all set to check out!