Can I make my small file larger?

Our site will warn you if your photo file is too small to work for the print size you'd like. If that’s the case, keep in mind that the only way to order that picture at a larger size is to find a higher-quality image file.

Using photo editing software to increase the size of a file will reduce the quality of the image. Therefore, resizing a small image to make it larger won't fix the pixelation or blurriness that could occur while printing. Enlarging a small file (for instance, with a program like Adobe Photoshop) can't actually add detail back into the image; it might become more out of focus!

Here's an example:

This image is much too small to turn out clearly as a Fracture print. When we try to make it larger using a third-party photo editing program, here's the result:

Resizing can make the image look really blurry and pixelated as it does above. Instead of resizing, the best  alternative is to find the original photo file straight from your camera or smartphone.

That will ensure you’re working with the best possible version of your photo!