How can I crop an image?

Our Advanced Editor will allow you to easily crop your photo, crop out white space, and remove or add a border to your image!

First we’ll take a look at how to crop. Below we have scenic photo of a street--but it looks like someone’s foot was unintentionally caught in the left edge of the photo!

With our Advanced Editor, we can easily crop out something on the edge of the photo, so that only the street is printed on the Fracture.

First, after uploading your photo, select the Advanced Editor option at the bottom left.

Next, select the Crop tool above the image preview: 

You’ll see a selection box appear over your photo. Click and drag the edges of the box to select just the portion of the photo that you want to keep on your Fractures:

As you can see below, I’ve made sure to exclude that person’s foot on the edge of our photo. Once you have your selection, click Apply, and the darkened portions will be cropped out:

With that cropping applied, you’ll see some white borders filling in that extra space that was cropped out:

To remove those white borders, be sure to click the Borderless button:

Our site will zoom in on the image just the right amount to remove that white space. Don’t forget to click Save my Changes.

And there you have it. No feet in sight, and you’ve got a borderless Fracture ready to go!

For more instructions on how to place your order from start to finish, check out this helpful guide.

If you have a photo that’s taller or wider than the shape of our prints that’s getting cropped as soon as you upload it, check out this guide for how to re-crop your Fracture to fit.