How do I mount my Storyboard?

Your Storyboard comes with:

  • Mounting template
  • Plastic anchors
  • Keyhole block
  • Metal screws

You’ll also need a level and Phillips-Head screwdriver—or a drill with a Phillips-Head drill bit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some plaster wall materials are not conducive to anchors. If you have plaster walls, we recommend mounting in studs with screw only, or using Molly bolts (not included) for a more secure hold.

You can mount your Storyboard in 5 easy steps!

Step 1:

Stick your mounting template on the wall exactly where you want your Storyboard to be. The template has wall-safe tape, so you can adjust it until you’re happy with its placement. Take note of the two bullseyes printed on this template labeled 'A' and 'B' which are spaced exactly 12 inches apart.

Use your level (or a level app on your phone) to double check that it’s even.

After it’s in place, use a screw to pierce through the template in the spots indicated, marking the wall where hole “A” and “B” will be:

Step 2:

Use your screw and a screwdriver or drill to create pilot holes where you’ve marked the wall. These preliminary holes will make it much easier to insert your anchors into the wall.

Important Note: If you hit a wall stud while creating your pilot holes, you can skip inserting the plastic anchor for that hole. Inserting the screws directly into a wall stud will ensure stability without the need for anchors.

If you don’t hit a wall stud, remove the metal screws from the wall after you’ve made your pilot holes.

Step 3:

Press your plastic anchor into the pilot hole, and screw it in until it’s flush with the wall.

Repeat this step on the other hole using your second anchor.

If you encounter resistance, or have trouble inserting the anchors into the pilot holes, make the holes bigger and try again.

Step 4:

Install the metal screws into the plastic anchors, and leave the screws about a half inch out of the wall.

Then, place your keyhole block over your screw.

The block will serve as a guide for how deep in the wall your screws should be. Tighten the screw against the block until it’s snug, and then remove the keyhole block by sliding it up and off.

Repeat this step for the other screw to make sure they’re even.

Step 5:

Line up the holes on the back of your Storyboard to the screws.

Then, slide your Storyboard to the right, which will lock it into place.

If it won't slide over, loosen the screws. If it slides over but is a bit wobbly, tighten the screws. 

Now that your Storyboard is secure on the wall, it’s ready to show off your Fracture prints! 

Line up your prints side-by-side in a single groove:

Or use all three grooves to layer your prints:

When placing your prints, make sure the entire print lies within the grooves, and not just the backing material:

You can even place small mementos alongside your prints as the tip of each groove is the same height, creating an overall flat surface:

We can’t wait to see how you tell your story with Storyboard!