Will my order to Canada be charged customs/import fees?

Since your order is shipping outside of the US, it will be subject to customs, duties, or import fees. The total amount charged for these fees is determined by the policies of the Canadian Customs Office and Postal Service.

These fees are calculated and applied to your order at the time they arrive and during their processing through customs.

What if my order is a gift to the recipient?

As of now, pre-clearing customs isn't something we're able to do through our shipping services. Fracture is unable to calculate or determine these fees beforehand so that the purchaser can pay for them instead of the recipient.

All customs/VAT and import fees must be paid by the recipient if a fee is applied to the order by the importing country, and cannot be paid for in advance. Any import or customs fees will be charged directly to the recipient.

How can I find out how much the fees will be?

Check with your local customs agency and/or postal service for details on estimated costs. This page has more information on Canada's policy for imported goods.

All prices on our site are in US dollars (USD). Check with your bank, credit card, or PayPal to determine the exchange rate if you normally use a different currency.