Fracture Community Guidelines

We respect the interest of Fracture fans in expressing themselves openly and honestly across Fracture’s presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest) and our online chat with our Customer Support Team. As a host, we have the responsibility to keep the conversation fair and civil.


Be positive.

We believe in communicating with one another in the most positive way possible. Treat others as you would like to be treated. We always welcome your feedback, and there's nothing wrong with a healthy debate or discussion, but please keep it constructive.

Help your fellow Fracture fans.

We love seeing our fans help one another. Sharing advice, tips, and tricks is always encouraged. This is your community, so we welcome your partnership to keep the conversation fun, intelligent, and drama-free.

Show us what you got!

We want to see your videos, photos, and looks, and we love hearing your voice. Define yourself and don't be afraid to showcase your story and its best moments and images.

Share what's inspiring you, but remember, if it's not something you've created, get permission to share and give credit where credit's due! (And if you want us to find your work on our social channels, use our hashtags, like #focusonmoments!)

Contact us directly.

If you ever have an issue, question, or suggestion, the best and fastest way to get a response is to e-mail In fact, due to privacy reasons, we cannot use public forums like Facebook to resolve many individual issues. We'll do our best to support you on our social media channels and answer general questions wherever we can, but it is always best to email us so we can investigate and help you!

Be respectful.

If you want respect, give it first. Everyone has a right to participate on our website and social media channels without being ridiculed.

Please extend respect not only to your fellow Fracture fans but also to the Fracture support team! They're real people, here to provide you with stellar service and support, so please be nice. They'll always treat you with dignity and kindness, so we expect you to do the same.


We will, in our discretion, remove content that:

1. is discrimination, hateful speech, threats of violence, intolerance, harassing, sexual, or offensive in nature;

2. uses profanity or abusive language;

3. violates any law or regulation;

4. is spam, advertisements or posts that are off off-topic

5. infringes any intellectual property rights of any person;

6. is a solicitation for any political cause, or religious, charitable, or membership organization;

7. is false or misleading in any manner;

8. is posted anonymously or using a pseudonym;

9. Is personal information (credit card, private address, or phone number)

10. is not in compliance with the applicable site’s terms of use/service.

Please keep in mind that Fracture does not represent nor endorse any unapproved opinions expressed on any Fracture-sponsored site and that any content uploaded by anyone other than Fracture is the responsibility of the submitter. Employees of Fracture are subject to the Code of Business Conduct, the Social Media Standards and Procedures, and all other Fracture policies governing their use of external web sites. Fracture will, in its discretion, remove content which violates these Community Guidelines.